the morning drive


The morning drive to school is my favorite time of day. Usually, it’s just me out there- for at least the good ten miles it takes to get to PA 64. This drive is the most peaceful, centering kind of driving I could ever do. This spot is about six miles from my house, and at just after seven in the morning, it’s gorgeous.

Can you imagine the beauty of a Pennsylvania morning? Even when it’s cloudy and grey, I love it. I’m so thankful I can wake up and make this drive every morning. My heart breaks at the idea of ever leaving this place, of never ever seeing this landscape. I look forward to this particular spot in the morning, the way the light breaks over the mountain on my right and kisses the ridge of the mountain on my right…

Pennsylvania is my home, and it always will be. It seems, that wherever I may go, whomever I may meet, and whatever I do, it’s this place I long for the most. I talk a big talk about leaving, moving away, taking my kit up to Wellsboro or Boston and never looking back. The fact of the matter is that I couldn’t ever do it. The one thing I will ever have in common with Scarlett O’Hara is my undying loyalty to this land, and the person it has shaped me to be.

I hope you can understand. I hope, that one day, you will have your morning drive, too. Your land, your home. We all have one, just some of us haven’t found it yet.

beginning anew

My Face!

Books are my weapon of choice, yarn is my medium, and ink gives my words a voice. For a long time, I’ve kept a personal journal, detailing my life and all that goes within it. Beginning here, on this blog, is like having a fresh notebook ready to be filled. Unlimited potential, so many things to be said and shared. I’m excited to start writing here, and while I could go on and on at this very minute, it would be nice to introduce myself properly.

I’m Autumn. That mug up there is mine, and I quite like it. Currently I’m a sophomore in college, diarist, philatelist, and crafter. I like to read, knit, and watch a lot of Star Trek on Netflix. Aside from my hermit tendencies, I go on picnics, play tabletop games with my family, chill out with friends, and try really hard to be funny. I have a job that fuels my need for yarn, stamps, and books. Stir that all up with a deep and abiding love for knowledge and family, and I’d say you have a me on your hands.


Mostly I’ll write about knitting and reading, because those two things are pretty much the main deal around here. I’ve been knitting for seven years, and crocheting for four years. However, I will most definitely be sharing my exploits in beekeeping, crafting, philately, and travels. If you like the same things, drop a line in the comments. I’d love to get to know you, and your blog, if you have one.

I do have a goal with this blog- it’s to share my words and my stories. I’ve read and adored many other blogs over the years, and for some of them, I felt like the authors could have been my friends. The idea of sharing my interests with others online appeals to me because I can reach out and have friends that live all over the world, and while we may not live closely, we can still have a friendship that lasts.

And, before you ask- this blog’s title is inspired by the poem To Autumn, written by John Keats. Keats is my favorite poet, just as Vermeer is my favorite artist, Aerosmith is my favorite band, and purple is my favorite color. I’ll see you on Wednesday!

Oh- ’till then, why don’t you introduce yourself in the comments? It would be great to know my readers just as you know me!