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Today was a beautiful day. I couldn’t possibly be any happier right now. This kind of weather- partly cloudy, mostly chilly, and definitely gorgeous- is my absolute favorite. I could throw away summer and winter if it meant it was spring and fall all year ’round. I was able to munch on some leftovers from baking yesterday, relish a new magazine I found at the bookstore, and savor a cup of tea. I’m slowly relearning this whole blogging thing. At least once I day I’ll see or think about something I want to share with you all. It is an absolute pleasure to be here, and to write to you. Have a fantastic Friday evening and a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you on Monday. ❤


brewing mulled cider





I’m loving working on my Knit Night scarf. I’ve come to call it my Mulled Cider scarf, because of the luscious colors of late fall found in the yarn, and the fact that the tart I have been burning is called “Mulled Cider.” (Needless to say that I’m a big fan of mulled cider.) The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Yarn Glitter Alpaca in Serengeti.  The beads I am using are some 6/0 Czech Glass E-Beads that are crystal copper lined. They match the yarn perfectly, and while the metallic thread in the yarn is golden, the copper beads seem to simply melt into the picots. I’m debating on weather I’m going to severely block the picots out, or do a simple gentle wash and block. Oh, the choices!

The weather hasn’t cooled off enough yet to wear my woolens out. I’m the most excited about debuting my Miss Winkle (which needs some good pictures yet) and wearing the Mulled Cider scarf. I don’t have many other nice woolies to wear out- mostly what I have that I have kept is some ratty handwarmers and wonky hats! Maybe I need to do an Operation Woolens Drawer or some such to build a wooly wardrobe….

What are you brewing this afternoon?

early golden days

theroadthefarmI like to see how light plays with cameras, and since I’m on the go a lot, I use my phone’s camera to catch the things I never want to forget I have seen. These early golden days of fall are my favorite, how the light is less harsh and more mellow, and how the greenery is slowly fading into richer colors like red, yellow, and gold.

Everything I have been knitting, and planning to knit, is of yarn in such colors. Right now, I’m working on a Knit Night that is not very photogenic, but absolutely gorgeous in life. The colors remind me of a late November afternoon, all dusky and muted. The beads I chose are clear with a gorgeous copper lining that accents the yarn’s golden threads perfectly. I can’t wait to share it with you! However, I need sixty increase points total, and since it’s knit lengthwise, it’s a ridiculously time-consuming knit. It will be worth it, and I’ll have yards and yards of fall-colored alpaca wrapped around my neck soon.

I’m excited to be going to the Antique Machinery Show this weekend, and I’m planning at trip to the Pasto Agricultural Museum for a fiber event. I wish I was headed to the Pennsylvania Endless Mountains Fiber Festival this year, but I wasn’t aware of it beforehand to make plans. I love all kinds of fiber and agricultural related things, good gravy! I wish there was more events like that in Pennsylvania, but one day I’ll go to Rhinebeck… one day!

Ah, the excitement of fall. There’s so much to do and see, it’s hard to fit it all in. Fortunately I get to take a gorgeous drive to and from school every day, so I can at least admire the beauty even if I cannot go and adventure in it. Have a happy Friday everyone, and I’ll see you on Monday!

tackling wips kal fo #1


That is my project bag. It’s very big, and very full. It’s definitely my Mary Poppins bag, because it’s so deep and full of unfinished projects that it’s hard to really explain.


There it is on the inside, minus a bag of stuffing and the body of an elephant. No, it’s not a grave-site, but it sure feels like one. There’s at least five projects in there, plus unending amounts of yarn that just needs to be tossed. Fortunately, I rescued one out of the bag on Tuesday to haul around school with me and finished.


Out of everything in the bag, I pulled out a dishcloth. Just a plain one, meant to be in the kitchen because Mom rather likes using them compared to store-bought dishcloths. I submitted the project as a FO for the MySister’sKnitter Tackling WIP’s KAL. Check out the ‘deets at Ravelry if you are interested in my notes.

I promise that these posts will become more interesting as time wears on! It’s weird to actually be blogging again. I conveniently left my camera at home today, and I saw all kinds of wonderful sights on the way to and from school. I had a Bald Eagle fly right down low in front of my car- it was so stunning I didn’t even reach for my cellphone to snap a picture! I hope your Wednesday has been wonderful! I’ll see you on Friday!


beginning anew

My Face!

Books are my weapon of choice, yarn is my medium, and ink gives my words a voice. For a long time, I’ve kept a personal journal, detailing my life and all that goes within it. Beginning here, on this blog, is like having a fresh notebook ready to be filled. Unlimited potential, so many things to be said and shared. I’m excited to start writing here, and while I could go on and on at this very minute, it would be nice to introduce myself properly.

I’m Autumn. That mug up there is mine, and I quite like it. Currently I’m a sophomore in college, diarist, philatelist, and crafter. I like to read, knit, and watch a lot of Star Trek on Netflix. Aside from my hermit tendencies, I go on picnics, play tabletop games with my family, chill out with friends, and try really hard to be funny. I have a job that fuels my need for yarn, stamps, and books. Stir that all up with a deep and abiding love for knowledge and family, and I’d say you have a me on your hands.


Mostly I’ll write about knitting and reading, because those two things are pretty much the main deal around here. I’ve been knitting for seven years, and crocheting for four years. However, I will most definitely be sharing my exploits in beekeeping, crafting, philately, and travels. If you like the same things, drop a line in the comments. I’d love to get to know you, and your blog, if you have one.

I do have a goal with this blog- it’s to share my words and my stories. I’ve read and adored many other blogs over the years, and for some of them, I felt like the authors could have been my friends. The idea of sharing my interests with others online appeals to me because I can reach out and have friends that live all over the world, and while we may not live closely, we can still have a friendship that lasts.

And, before you ask- this blog’s title is inspired by the poem To Autumn, written by John Keats. Keats is my favorite poet, just as Vermeer is my favorite artist, Aerosmith is my favorite band, and purple is my favorite color. I’ll see you on Wednesday!

Oh- ’till then, why don’t you introduce yourself in the comments? It would be great to know my readers just as you know me!