lighter and brighter

9/15/14 .. 1

9/15/14 .. 2

The Honeycrisp apples are nearly ready to pick. Earlier in the spring, there were easily twenty to thirty blooms on each tree, but Dad carefully nipped them so the trees would put more energy into growing. However, he left two little buds to grow. After a long summer of waiting and watching, these lumpy little apples are soclose to being ready to eat. I almost feel guilty eating them…

Today I spent a lot of time cleaning up and cleaning out. I’m not a minimalist by a long shot, but having less makes me feel freer. Right now my desk is coated in stuff, but it will be dealt with tomorrow. When I clean like this I’m not really cleaning up stuff, but throwing away my baggage from the previous year/month/whatever time before I cleaned. It helps, and everything feels so much lighter and brighter. My room in this big old house is my sacred space, where I go to study, write, and knit. Why shouldn’t it reflect me? (I’m a little crazy for interior decorating, anyway.)

Have a lovely Monday evening, and I will see you again on Wednesday!