holding patterns

Waiting is ever so long. For the election results to be announced, for a trinket dish to arrive, for the dog to get out of bed. I’m stuck in a holding pattern. I hate it, I loathe it, I wish I didn’t have to wait. But, I’m trying to practice patience as best as I can. It is not my forte, but I am trying my level best.

The things most of comfort to me are the views of my living room and the beauty of this Royal Albert teacup. I’m starting a new collection of Royal Albert Celebration- I want to put together a tea set for six. The white, pink, and red roses remind me of the Arboretum in early June. Then there’s Nani, sprawled out on the couch, wrapped up in her blanket. She is the very epitome of cozy. Who needs hygge when there are big spotty dogs around?

I had to make a foray into town today for work. Tired of loungewear, I actually put on real clothes. It feels ridiculously good to be “dressed” in a blouse, my favorite clogs, tidy dark blue jeans, and jewelry. It feels more than good… I feel like myself for the first time since March. To celebrate being out and about, I have decided to stop at Barnes & Noble on my way home. I’m hoping to find a copy of the UK Country Living… fat chance this time of year, but it will be nice to stop.

Until we meet again~

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