first snow

The first snow of 2020 has landed and melted away already. There’s a patch of it on one of the back steps- Nani was not amused. To me, it was magical. I can’t wait for a real snow… working from home means I can enjoy the sight rather than trudge home from work, half-panicked by sloppy roads.

I’m pulling out my winter coat in celebration, and I’m prepared to wrap up in a thick woolen scarf and hat. I have yet to find good winter gloves, but I think I’ll double down and buy a decent pair of Isotoners. I have a pair of slippers earmarked for myself, already I regret not buying them earlier. But, the flannel sheets are on the bed, so at least nights are perfectly cozy.

No lunch walk today- I’m still in the midst of a fall deep clean and I’m spending my lunch breaks working on the kitchen, the final room. I have all of my Halloween decorations down, and I have my meager supply of Thanksgiving decorations up. As soon as the remainder of my paper decorations arrive, I hope to share them with you!

Until we meet again~

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