a daily drizzle

Steady rain today. I didn’t want to leave my bed- curled up with the dog as the rain pounded on the roof over my head felt like being in the lap of luxury. What else could a body long for?

Right, tea. I drank my last bag of Yorkshire Red yesterday, so today I had to settle for plain Tetley. Perfect for iced tea, but not enough punch for a morning brew. I’ve been struggling through the day since, especially as I may have ruined my stovetop kettle. I set it on the boil and promptly forgot about it, boiling the whole thing dry. Thankfully, I have an electric kettle a beloved friend gave me some time back, but my stove looks strange and empty without a kettle.

I haven’t been up to much- few lunchtime walks as I’ve been cooking simple meals, and I’ve been working plenty in the evenings. I’ve finished a book, and am plodding along on another. I’m watching copious amounts of YouTube and lolling about with the dog. It’s Autumn. What else can you expect?

Until we meet again~

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