second bloom

No pictures of a foggy lake today- I slept in far too late to walk to the dock. Plus, I’m certain there was a downpour this morning, which would have killed off the fog. Instead, here are pictures of my roses, which have been blooming again.

I had no idea the roses were blooming- I’ve been so caught up with work that I never noticed. There are three blooms now, with a few more on the way. The rose bush at my parent’s house will bloom multiple times a year, given the right conditions, but not with such big, bold blooms. I’m delighted to have found this out, even if it’s too late to take good pictures.

I hadn’t the heart to cut them and bring them in. I love to see roses “in the wild” like this. I hope to fill my garden with more roses, to complement this beauty that hid from me.

Until we meet again~

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