happy mail days

Happy mail days abound as my recent eBay winnings arrive in my mailbox. My favorite find is a vintage Currier & Ives Glasbake mug- which I won for $1.50. I also bought two Gladys Taber books, one of which I’m starting to read today. There’s other things out there that I’m waiting on- I’ve kept myself to a strict budget and was lucky enough to win auctions within it!

It’s been unseasonably warm here along the Lake. Today is in the mid-70s with sunny blue skies and frothy white clouds. The tree in the backyard is beginning to turn a brilliant shade of orange. It’s a shame my camera doesn’t pick up on the vibrancy the way my eyes do… close your eyes and imagine a great tree, flaming orange and offset by a soft sapphire sky…

I’m taking a day off from the world tomorrow. This past week has been heavy with automotive and home upkeep. While keeping my own house has been one of the most delightful experiences of my life so far, it can be a little surprising to my purse. I feel blessed to have family that can help me with the things I don’t know how to do on my own.

I’m writing this post on my lunch break, from my little white lawn chair on the porch. Nani is out prowling the yard, looking for a comfortable place in the sun. I would have taken a walk today, but with this warm weather, the dock was too busy for me. Maybe tomorrow, early in the morning, I’ll walk out and share the foggy Lake with you…

Until we meet again~

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