flour power

On rainy days I like to look back at my ‘Flower Power’ album on my iPhone. Today has been dreary and cold, but with the new Nov/Dec TeaTime and Susan Branch’s A Fine Romance by my side, I know I’ll be cozy enough to make it through the evening.

I’ve had magnificent luck with thrifting- breaking a months long dry spell of no good finds. Just today I found a new blouse, several pieces of original Tupperware, a new baking tin with its original aluminum lid, vintage Halloween placemats, English muffin baking rings, and a Boyd’s Bears Christmas tree topper. Once the Tupperware is dry, I hope to write up a post about it for you. My favorite find from today is the Tupperware bread box- it’s a magnificent Jadeite color, perfectly sized to fit in my pantry.

I’m hoping to do some baking later this week on my evening off. I’m stuck between making Pumpkin Buckle, coffee cake, or English muffins. If I made English muffins, I could run up to the Amish butcher for good smoked bacon…

Until we meet again~

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