old & new

I’m working on projects, new and old. I originally started this crochet blanket back in March, at the beginning of lockdown. It obviously did not make it very far- I tired of crochet as the weather warmed. Now that the days are cooler, I want to curl up on the couch, project in hand.

My new project is preparing the garden for spring. What you see above is the previous owner’s garden plot. Today, two of my sisters and I tore down three sides of the fence. It was a good four hours worth of work. All that remains is the wall between the walk and the garden- to prevent the dog from digging while on her lead in the yard.

Next, I hope to have the stakes removed from the naked sides and the shrubbery ripped out. Then, the sod in the garden can be removed and tilled. I don’t have firm plans on what I’m growing next year, but I do hope to preserve what I grow. I like having a stocked pantry of good food to last me throughout the year.

I hope that in the future, this view will be replaced by a flourishing garden, beautiful in the light of morning.

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