as time goes by

One brilliant October day after another is flying by. The days are crisp and the evenings chilly- enough for a second blanket and a tucked-in puppydog. I’ll be sending away for flannel sheets soon enough; I have my eye on a set from L.L. Bean. I’m worried that with flannel on the bed, the dog would deign to never leave it. Hounds are terribly stinky, no matter how many baths they are given.

I don’t have a reason for not being here- I simply have not felt the drive to write. It’s an awful excuse, really. But with the return of the lovely Lucy at Attic 24, I too realized I have neglected this little space of mine. I have missed it without even realizing.

Only recently did I finish a knitting project, and it’s not much to write home about- it’s my fifth Sockhead Slouch Hat. That’s me up there, sporting it. Knit in two strands of merino/silk laceweight. I’ve managed to knit one for the last five years of my life, and I doubt I will ever be done making them. The pattern is utterly perfect. Of course, I started something new right away and now I’m blissfully knitting along to podcasts and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I’m hoping to get my fall garden prep done this weekend- I have to mend the fence, pick up the wood that managed to accumulate, and have someone till the whole thing for me. I won’t be growing any cover crops this year, I just want everything ready to go for Spring. I’m trying to plan out my little garden, but all that matters to me are cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins. I think I will have enough room for it all. I’ve never had a whole garden of my own before. This summer ended up fruitless- I rarely had the time or energy to do anything. Next year will be mightily different!

Until we meet again~

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