(no)things of note

High summer. Floating into fall, cruising through this last month as if it were nothing at all. I’m trying to squeeze out every last “summer” feeling that I have. Without the Grange Fair to end the season, this summer feels… lax. I’ve never looked forward to Fall so much in my entire life.

Fall always has felt like the real re-start of the year. I think it stems from being in love with school throughout my life. I wake up in anticipation, counting down the days until September 1st. The way the stores explode with school supplies, the craft stores boom with fall-themed decor, the way the world feels fresh and invigorating.

One of my favorite fall memories is from when I was a college student. My freshman year was so terrifying. I didn’t know anyone, and I couldn’t remember the name of anyone I did manage to meet. I spent the majority of my time out of class in the Library, wandering around with a vanilla latte in hand. I remember coming across Haruki Murakami in the International Literature section and taking home Sputnik Sweetheart. I left the Library and walked, just enjoying my life. Everyone must have been in class- I always seemed to have an offbeat schedule- and I wandered all over campus, book in hand, my backpack full of notebooks and textbooks.

Speaking of notebooks… I received a JetPens package this past week. I’m planning on reviewing what I received in a future post. I read a great post at UKFountainPens about personal loyalties with stationery… and it helped me realize that I’m a dedicated Asian stationery products fan. Almost everything I bought from JetPens is from Japan or Taiwan. I’m hoping to get into pencils a little more, too… and maybe figure out a review system for reviewing my stationery products. Who knows, will this become a stationery blog?!?

Anyways, that’s my nothings of note for the past week. Cruising with music on, reading a ridiculous amounts of books, and playing Stardew Valley while curled up on the couch with the dog. Who could ask for a better life?

Until we meet again~

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