summer begins again

Hot, blue sky summer days. All seen from my desk while I work. Finally, I “go” on vacation this coming week, to bask in the light and arrange my home. Maybe, I’ll take a brief interlude from homemaking to register the kayak and paddle out on the lake for a few hours. Grill a few hotdogs? Make sun tea? Uncork a bottle of wine and read on the porch?

This past week, I received a new cookbook in the mail, Amish Family Recipes by Lovina Eicher. I am looking forward to learning some of the recipes and playing around with some of my other cookbooks. I enjoy reading Lovina’s blog, Lovina’s Amish Kitchen. I am not known in my family for being a very good cook- but I am hoping to change that. I’m excited for the prospect of cooking in my own kitchen, kitted out with my store of vintage dishes.

I just started listening to a new band, Salt House. I really have been enjoying their music while I go about my daily life. When I was in college, I listened to music all the time and developed a taste for metal. Now that I’m out of college, I mostly listen to music while commuting and tidying… I started to enjoy the silence. However, bands like Salt House are so excellent that I can’t help but play it all day long. Their music makes me think about being on the lake, going for long woodswalks, standing knee-deep in streams… takes me to a place that I haven’t been, but feels like home.

Until we meet again ~

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