Just before COVID-19 broke out, I was working on purchasing my own home. After a great delay, I am finally a homeowner. I can’t wait to share more with you! I especially want to share about the garden- one of my favorite bloggers, Coastal Ripples, does a monthly post titled “Through the Garden Gate” and I want to be able to share my own version with you. My home is a little 1960s ranch, and it is delightfully cozy. There is so much to do! Soon, I will have plenty of pictures to share with you.

I ended up finishing the hat I mentioned in my previous post. It turned out marvelously; knit in Patons Kroy Sock, which I used for the first time. I did not block this hat after finishing it- I liked the texture of the hat when it came off the needles. Just after finishing it, I cast on for another Sockhead Slouch Hat for myself. This time, I am holding two strands of silk/merino laceweight together, one in a soft sage green color and the other in a dark basil color. The resulting fabric is very light and soft, and I work on it while watching Youtube in the evening.

Not very much reading has happened in the last few months- the pandemic has made it difficult to focus on anything, and I find myself needing to be busy rather than sitting still. I am, however, working on reading Barkskins by Annie Proulx and September by Rosamunde Pilcher. With the libraries being closed, I have had little exposure to new reading material. I can’t wait for the library to be safely open again!

Until we meet again~

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