a cure for winter.

SnowyElkMagnoliaBlossomDogeThis has been a mild winter. Tuesday was fifty-seven degrees at lunchtime. Monday was brilliantly sunny but today is dark and moody. Yet- the air is different. I know Utah has just experienced a major snowstorm, but here in Pennsylvania, Winter has a loose, grey-brown grip. Note to self: I must stop at the cemetery and check for crocuses. Something, anything- a yellow crocus would cure me until Spring arrives fully.

I’m knitting a hat for my sister now. I have bought beautiful yarn to knit wonderful things, but my sister asked for a grey hat- and there is no denying my sister (this is the Good Sister that cares for her woolens, understands that I’m no short-order knitter). I have miles of stockinette to go, but hopefully, paired with a bit of Netflix and podcasts, I can whip through it. I’m dying to cast on for something big and cozy- I’m thinking New Beginnings by Boo Knits.

January’s end was hallmarked by the arrival of an Emma Bridgewater mug and my first Persephone book. My big plan this evening is to knit and read- a blessed relief from my recent flurry of work. I finished a great handful of books in January, and now my reading in February is already lackluster. I’m not enjoying many of the books I have picked up, and its discouraging to me. I’m returning a book to the University Library today, with hopes of my Persephone book getting me into the groove.

February spans before me, open and ready for anything. My plans for the month are few, hoping to simply knit and read during my free time, enjoying the last moments of Winter. Punxsutawney Phil has predicted an early Spring… and I can’t help but hope he is right.

Until we meet again~


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