sayonara, summer.


Summer has ended with toad magic. I caught two recently: both with golden eyes, dark velveteen bodies, and quickly beating hearts. I let one go in my grandfather’s garden, and the other released in a secluded part of the yard. Toads fascinate me- how they straddle the life between land and water; can’t live on one without being born in the other. Quietly hidden among the rocks and leaves, house foundations and gardens, and now I have been able to see two in the same week.

I took a short hike last Sunday- a little over two miles, walked slow & steady. The trail meanders by the lakeside, generally buffered by a few yards of brush but occasionally opening out to fishing shores. I hadn’t the time I expected to have over the summer to get out and hike. Now, as the seasons are changing, I’m waiting for the lake to be drained so I can hike out over the bare earth and look for fossils. However, if the lake is dry I can’t perch on the manhole cover and watch the papermouths dart between the overhanging shore and underwater rocks…

For once, I am not sad to see summer go. I feel as if I have aged a century in the last three months. So many people around me have commented about how summer blew by, but I only feel a sense of relief. The seasons are changing, bowing and leading the way into something new. I feel driven to clean up and clean out, make space physically & mentally for all that is coming. Fall means deeper music, sweaters, mugs of tea late at night, curled on the couch with the dog, and Poldark on the television. I am ready, oh so ready.

Until we meet again~

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