one after the other.


Almost there, almost to fall. I’m blasting Chopin in the Jeep every morning; my commute is not luxurious by any means, but the music makes it better. Chopin, interspersed with Cherish the Ladies, is a quintessential autumnal soundtrack. The video I shared above is one of my very favorite recordings of a Chopin piece. My favorite CDs have long since lost their cases, so I can’t even truly recommend them. I have no idea what most of the pieces are on the discs; I just listen to them straight through, beginning to end, one after the other.

I don’t have much to say today. I took some vacation time from work, and so I have been drifting. It’s nice to spend a day floating through- visiting bookshops and thrift stores, sipping on lattes and talking about everything with my mother. Take a long & deep breath- release. Suddenly the world isn’t piling up on my shoulders and I can actually take a look around me. The late summer light is perfect, slanting over trees and casting shadows in places that normally are illuminated. I can only see the light like this on a day turned off from the world.

Until we meet again~

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