a return home.


My break from this space has been far too long. I haven’t been living life as slow as I want to- so much of my days are spent moving from one thing to another that hours become blurred and I’m falling into bed every night exhausted & empty. There’s something intensely grounding about writing out a blog post, maybe it’s the act of communicating my thoughts long-form, or maybe that it’s an act of passion to put myself out into the Internet Universe.

In theme of what I said in my last post, I know blogs are not in vogue any more. There’s Instagram and Twitter that provides constant gratification & “connection.” Yet they don’t feel like the right space for me. Instagram is good for being inspired, but it’s not my place to be seen. I don’t feel like I am challenged by the environment, and the communication/connection I do find there is shallow… a letter (blog) versus a telegram (Instagram). I am looking for letter-level communication, a breadth and depth that speaks to spirit. Email newsletters are a good stop-gap, but they don’t solicit the kind of connectivity within itself the way a blog post does.

Offline life, especially now that I’m more than a year post-college, has changed dramatically. The constantly evolving landscape of social media is becoming less desirable to me. While I still wear my Apple Watch and scroll through the ‘Gram, I am much happier to be writing here.

Let’s catch up- this is what’s going on in my neck of the woods:
ReadingDragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon
Crocheting: French Market Bag by Alexandra Tavel
Watching: The Crimson Stitchery
Eating: Easiest Fridge Dill Pickles by Smitten Kitchen
Listening: the newest Hozier album, Wasteland, Baby!


My motivation to craft comes and goes. Over winter, I developed tendinitis in my left wrist thanks to hours of crane folding and holding books. I took a long break from fiber crafts for this reason- I could barely hold my work aloft in order to knit or crochet. Now that my wrist is in better shape, I want to spend every minute of every day catching up… although I would like to stay monogamous with my projects for now. Once I’m finished with the French Market Bag, I feel like I’ll take on a small origami project- I’m thinking of making a butterfly mobile to complement my cranes (potentially using artisan paper like Awagami Factory Washi Paper).

In times of stress and overwhelm, turning to handcraft is always a return to the self. Sometimes I wonder if I should have studied handcraft in college- I’ve been a knitter for half my life & I’ve always been enamored by how handcraft influences human life. My newfound love for origami has also pulled me into the philosophy of handcraft & “slow living.” Studying ideology behind slow living often feels inane and extremely privileged, but I wonder if this stems from long-held Puritanical productivity beliefs rather than lived experience. In truth, when I am crafting, the desire to be productive falls away and I’m left with the bliss of the journey.

Being here, in this online space, is like being in my own studio. Instead of pine counters and softly colored walls, I have this online nook full of books and creativity. I appreciate all of you that stop by, and please, introduce yourself in the comments. Have a mug of tea and catch up with me!

Until we meet again~

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