data obsession

The first week of the year passed uneventfully. I returned to work after having 12 days off (my first vacation) and settling into new routines. I have started reading in earnest and I now have 5 books in progress. I have never really been able to focus on one all that much- unless it’s an absolutely engrossing novel!

One thing I stared in the First Week was a temperature blanket. I have been wanting to crochet an afghan for a long time. Essentially- you work a blanket row by row, and the row color corresponds to the daily temperature. My blanket pattern I chose is Apache Tears. While my “tears” are not as long as the ones featured in the pattern (I am one row shorter) I still think the effect will be similar.

My color range & color names:

Temperature Range Color Yarn Brand
0 deg & Below  Pale Plum Red Heart Super Saver
1 deg – 15 deg  Medium Purple Red Heart Super Saver
16 deg – 30 deg  Lavender Red Heart Super Saver
31 deg – 45 deg Light Periwinkle Red Heart Super Saver
46 deg – 60 deg Aruba Sea Red Heart Super Saver
61 deg – 75 deg Turqua Red Heart Super Saver
76 deg – 90 deg Jade Red Heart Super Saver
91 deg & Higher Cool Blue Ombre Caron One Pound

I don’t have any good progress pictures yet- I hope to share one with you in a few days. I have been keeping track of my temperatures and colors in my Traveler’s Notebook weekly planner. It’s been a lot of fun to have a project I have to collect data for. I hope to put everything into a big Excel sheet so I can do some basic math with it to figure out the statistics of temperatures and colors for the year… maybe that is too much, but it’s the scientist in me!

Do you have any big year-long data-based projects like this? I’m also keeping track of my pages read this year in Goodreads and a big Excel sheet… are there others out there like me?

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