a year of enlightenment

Happy New Year, readers! I hope you were able to celebrate in the ways that you wished. I greeted the Year from the comfort of my own home, by playing card games with my family.

Today, as I dwell on what the Year will contain, I wanted to share with you my Word for 2019 and my 2019 Resolution.

My Word for 2019: Enlighten

My 2019 Resolution: Read 31,000+ pages without buying a single book.

Last year, I challenged myself to complete a senbazuru. I completed my challenge on Sunday, December 30. The project was definitely hard- I battled procrastination and lack of motivation throughout most of the year, but I managed to finish everything on time. While I did not fold my last crane with a particular wish in mind, the peace and happiness I feel due to the completion of the project is more than enough.

This year, I wanted a reading goal, as I thoroughly enjoyed my 2017 Resolution, which was read 100 books. The most I have ever read in one year was right around 30,000 pages, back in 2015. I have come close, but not quite reached the 31,000 pages mark.

I also wanted to have another facet to this project: no buying any books in 2019. I spend a lot of money on books that I read and subsequently donate. Thanks to my job, I have access to a gigantic library, where I can loan any book imaginable. Additionally, I have become a steady patron of my local county library. While I do not have any hard facts or statistics about the subject, I feel that loaning books from the library is better for the environment. Two worthy reasons for going on a book ban: saving money & helping the environment.

My Word for 2019 simply felt right. It came to me this morning, as I was waking up. I want to live with more enlightenment in my life. For a long time, I have experienced growth without development. To me, enlighten will symbolize the development of mind and spirit in my post-college life.

Since I have shared my 2019 Word and Resolution, if you care to share yours, leave a comment! I will stay accountable for my goals on this blog. Again, I hope you have had a Happy New Year, and I wish you all the best for 2019!

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