winter days

I hope you have had a happy Christmas, and an enlightening Winter Solstice.

These last few weeks have been busy due to holiday preparations. Some days I felt like I was moving a million miles an hour. Every second of it was worth the while- my holiday break has been wonderful. I haven’t ever had a real holiday break before, even while in college. Getting some time to slow down and breathe has been rejuvenating. I have been reading plenty and working on wrapping up a big project.

On January 1, I began to fold senbazuru – 1,000 paper cranes. If I finish all of them by December 31, I will be granted a wish. While I have experienced long bouts of procrastination, I have continued on with my efforts. I have 360 left to fold, and still no idea what I will wish for. I don’t know if I would wish for anything, and if the ancients deem me happiness and eternal good luck, I would consider myself very blessed indeed.

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