the beginning of something new


Every time I dream, I see rabbits dancing in soft snow, then they all go home to their burrows to sleep under homemade quilts. For breakfast, they sip mugs of tea and munch on a stroopwafel. Then, they go about their little rabbity days, living quietly in the forest. I envy the dream-rabbits most days, but on others, I know that one of the dream-rabbits is me.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to start over. I started my new job on October 1st, and I adore everything about it. My body and mind feel refreshed after five years of student life. Since I work a “typical” 40-hour work week, I feel that I have more time than ever to live a life. I am crafting, writing, and reading more. The last few weeks have felt clumsy, as if I’m learning to walk again. Words aren’t flowing as they did before college, and my stitches are untidy- but I am trying. It’s as if I’m rescuing myself from a raging sea with an inflatable raft and an oar.

Blogging, podcasting, and sharing on Instagram reach out to me in a new way. I have been thinking about my old blog from high-school and this blog a lot. I have missed having a platform to discuss books, crafting, writing, and life.  While looking through the archives of my high-school blog, I couldn’t help but smile and remember all of the days I had spent happily writing and sharing my thoughts and projects. Now that I’m older, I read blogs that are more about “this is my life and what interests me” rather than themed blogs or magazine-style blogs.

I will begin here anew, too. I want to make this place my little rabbit-burrow, a comfortable place to visit and read. Please, make yourself a cup of tea and stay a while. I may not have much to say yet, but make yourself at home. You will always be welcome here.

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