Busy, Busy… Booksale!

Now that I am officially graduated, I can take a breath. A very transcendent, relieving, fulfilling breath. I am celebrating with the books I have bought at the big AAUW book sale, plenty of iced tea, and returning to work. Life, for the meantime, is relatively simple… the way I like it. I think I have enough books to finish out the year without having to buy any more. While that is at once saddening, it is also a grand challenge. I feel that I have found many excellent and tantalizing reads.

Just today I spent my day off wandering all over with my family. It’s weird to actually have some time with them. It fills me with a lot of joy to be with my family. I know some think I’m strange for liking my family so much. I don’t mean it in a weird, Duggar-esque “We stick to our own” way, but more… Little Women. We went to the Way Cafe for lunch, and then went down to the park for a sweet snack and playtime. Even though my family is on the Ultimate Frisbee team scale, I don’t ever feel overwhelmed or disgusted. Annoyed, yes. I do have an eight-year-old brother, after all.

I am still trucking away on Tess of the D’Urbervilles. It has come to a boring, drama-less part right now, which is terrible. I think if I persevere, I will get to the good stuff again. Today I am typing up the titles list and adding the book names to my TBR Jar. I will, however, leave out Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, as I think I will read it this afternoon. It’s a surprisingly short book, so stay on the lookout for my review. I have been wanting to read it for a long time, and I’m thrilled to find the exact edition I wanted to read at the book sale.

It has been a very busy few days in between graduation, returning to work, and running all over. I am excited for this next chapter in my life to unfold. While it may be a full year before I am able to attend graduate school, I feel finally ready to start perusing it full-force. There’s so much I want to learn between then and now, though- so I have to start being on the lookout for textbooks to read. I am so glad that you have stopped by today, and I will see you again soon!

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