brewing mulled cider





I’m loving working on my Knit Night scarf. I’ve come to call it my Mulled Cider scarf, because of the luscious colors of late fall found in the yarn, and the fact that the tart I have been burning is called “Mulled Cider.” (Needless to say that I’m a big fan of mulled cider.) The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Yarn Glitter Alpaca in Serengeti.  The beads I am using are some 6/0 Czech Glass E-Beads that are crystal copper lined. They match the yarn perfectly, and while the metallic thread in the yarn is golden, the copper beads seem to simply melt into the picots. I’m debating on weather I’m going to severely block the picots out, or do a simple gentle wash and block. Oh, the choices!

The weather hasn’t cooled off enough yet to wear my woolens out. I’m the most excited about debuting my Miss Winkle (which needs some good pictures yet) and wearing the Mulled Cider scarf. I don’t have many other nice woolies to wear out- mostly what I have that I have kept is some ratty handwarmers and wonky hats! Maybe I need to do an Operation Woolens Drawer or some such to build a wooly wardrobe….

What are you brewing this afternoon?


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