tackling wips kal fo #1


That is my project bag. It’s very big, and very full. It’s definitely my Mary Poppins bag, because it’s so deep and full of unfinished projects that it’s hard to really explain.


There it is on the inside, minus a bag of stuffing and the body of an elephant. No, it’s not a grave-site, but it sure feels like one. There’s at least five projects in there, plus unending amounts of yarn that just needs to be tossed. Fortunately, I rescued one out of the bag on Tuesday to haul around school with me and finished.


Out of everything in the bag, I pulled out a dishcloth. Just a plain one, meant to be in the kitchen because Mom rather likes using them compared to store-bought dishcloths. I submitted the project as a FO for the MySister’sKnitter Tackling WIP’s KAL. Check out the ‘deets at Ravelry if you are interested in my notes.

I promise that these posts will become more interesting as time wears on! It’s weird to actually be blogging again. I conveniently left my camera at home today, and I saw all kinds of wonderful sights on the way to and from school. I had a Bald Eagle fly right down low in front of my car- it was so stunning I didn’t even reach for my cellphone to snap a picture! I hope your Wednesday has been wonderful! I’ll see you on Friday!



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