village life

This past week has been very invigorating for me. I don’t often have this much time at home throughout the day. The Pandemic turned me into a homebody, something I never thought I would enjoy being in my entire life. In the Before Times, I was a runner, someone that was always on the go, perpetually headed to something from something. Now, I absolutely relish my time at home, and when I do get the opportunity to be on the go, I am making different choices about where and why I’m going.

Now that there has been the first frost, I have to plan my winter bird feeding. Yes, I’m a little on the late side, time completely got away from me this year. I have one beautiful teal-colored bird feeder, and a shepherd’s hook for it. I want to have at least one more hanging feeder and two suet feeders. Growing up, my Dad always put out at least 10 feeders of different kinds, and I hope to be that way in the future.

Central PA is forecasted to have a string of beautiful fall days, highs in the low 60s and lows in the low 40s. This is my weather, the perfect kind of weather that enables me to do my fall garden work and prepare for the coming winter.

Until we meet again~

candlelight supper

Yesterday’s Lunch Walk took me up the first quarter mile up Lakeside Trail, the trail that begins at the end of my street. I only wore a hoodie and a hat over my regular clothes- I came back with a little chill. I saw a deer, and when I crept into the brush to take a picture, a frightened crow called and scared the doe away. I was happy to have seen the doe, deer are very beautiful to me.

I had a candlelight supper last night, à la Hyacinth Bucket. I served myself salmon with roasted fingerling potatoes and Brussels sprouts. I think it was the best decision I have made in a while; a simple and kind thing just for myself.

Daily blogging again is hard work. I’ve lost my voice over the last few years, so words don’t flow as quickly as I would like them to. All I can do is practice. How did I manage to do this every day when I was a teen? I felt like I always had something going on and something to say. My life is completely different now, but I still feel compelled to be here. Forgive me for the awkwardness, I feel like I’m meeting you all over again for the first time.

Until we meet again~

first frost

An auspicious day, perfect for projects and planning. I cast on for another Sockhead Slouch Hat, my favorite hat pattern. I’m using Grenouille Co yarn, in Old Books. I knit one of these hats every year, and I usually cast on for it near first frost. I’ve been invigorated by the weather, and somehow, making my turkey shrine put me in the mood for Thanksgiving. I’m planning on surprising my Mom with a homemade breakfast, as she usually gets up early to put the turkey on. I’m thinking of trying Mom’s Ridiculously Easy Butterscotch Monkey Bread by Half Baked Harvest.

Lately, I have been feeling contented with life, and in the direction I’m headed. I don’t know how to describe it… just a feeling of rightness within myself and in my life. I swear that I have something opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder- the late Fall, Winter, and early Spring months are my best times, where the late Spring, Summer, and early Fall months are the worst times. Even though I despise snow, I’m happier shoveling snow in January than sweating in July. Take note, though, that the first week of the rose bloom does not count. There is nothing on Earth more perfect, joyful, or delightful than the week in June when a rose garden comes alive.

Until we meet again~

ordinary days

I decorated for Thanksgiving last evening, in an attempt to pretend there is a holiday between Halloween and Christmas. My secretary looks more like a turkey shrine than any celebration of thankfulness. My favorite part is the Spode cowslip teacup and saucer, which I found at the Fair this summer for $4. I love how all of my collected bits and bobs come together for décor like this.

I’ve started using Postcrossing, and I’m sending out my second postcard tomorrow. I’m excited to be doing this… I don’t receive a lot of international mail, or even mail in general! I’m hoping to send & receive postcards all through 2022 and then put together an exhibit in 2023. I have plenty of stamps to use- it’s a $1.30 to send an international postcard, which is about 3 Forever stamps or 1 international stamp. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of denominated stamps, but I’m looking around online to find lots of mint denominated stamps that I can use for this project. Would you know of any reliable dealers online? There has to be other philatelists out there doing this, right?

Until we meet again~

hello, november

The colors have erupted on the mountain. Coupled with the partly cloudy Pennsylvania blue sky, it’s heartbreakingly gorgeous outside. I live my life for this, the crisp air and sunshine. These kinds of days only happen in November and March; the border months, the seasonal liminal spaces of clarity and delight.

I’m going into November hoping for time to create and work on my homemaking. Lately, I feel like I’ve been running out of time at every turn. There’s not enough hours in the day for me to do everything all by myself. I’m drowning in things that need to be done. Returning to work in-person was an utter damper on my abilities to stay tidy, together, and marching forward. The schedule has begun to clear for November already, and I have a little plan in place for how I hope things to go.

Right now, I’m working on crocheting a granny square afghan. I have been working on it while watching tv at night, currently I’m watching Steven Universe. The desire to learn to knit socks has welled up in my little crafty heart, so when I’m through with the afghan, my plan is to use the Winwick Mum Sockalong to learn to knit socks. I haven’t been reading very much, as the afghan is a considerable use of my free time. I’m OK with that- sometimes I need a break from using my brain.

Until we meet again~

holding patterns

Waiting is ever so long. For the election results to be announced, for a trinket dish to arrive, for the dog to get out of bed. I’m stuck in a holding pattern. I hate it, I loathe it, I wish I didn’t have to wait. But, I’m trying to practice patience as best as I can. It is not my forte, but I am trying my level best.

The things most of comfort to me are the views of my living room and the beauty of this Royal Albert teacup. I’m starting a new collection of Royal Albert Celebration- I want to put together a tea set for six. The white, pink, and red roses remind me of the Arboretum in early June. Then there’s Nani, sprawled out on the couch, wrapped up in her blanket. She is the very epitome of cozy. Who needs hygge when there are big spotty dogs around?

I had to make a foray into town today for work. Tired of loungewear, I actually put on real clothes. It feels ridiculously good to be “dressed” in a blouse, my favorite clogs, tidy dark blue jeans, and jewelry. It feels more than good… I feel like myself for the first time since March. To celebrate being out and about, I have decided to stop at Barnes & Noble on my way home. I’m hoping to find a copy of the UK Country Living… fat chance this time of year, but it will be nice to stop.

Until we meet again~

first snow

The first snow of 2020 has landed and melted away already. There’s a patch of it on one of the back steps- Nani was not amused. To me, it was magical. I can’t wait for a real snow… working from home means I can enjoy the sight rather than trudge home from work, half-panicked by sloppy roads.

I’m pulling out my winter coat in celebration, and I’m prepared to wrap up in a thick woolen scarf and hat. I have yet to find good winter gloves, but I think I’ll double down and buy a decent pair of Isotoners. I have a pair of slippers earmarked for myself, already I regret not buying them earlier. But, the flannel sheets are on the bed, so at least nights are perfectly cozy.

No lunch walk today- I’m still in the midst of a fall deep clean and I’m spending my lunch breaks working on the kitchen, the final room. I have all of my Halloween decorations down, and I have my meager supply of Thanksgiving decorations up. As soon as the remainder of my paper decorations arrive, I hope to share them with you!

Until we meet again~

a daily drizzle

Steady rain today. I didn’t want to leave my bed- curled up with the dog as the rain pounded on the roof over my head felt like being in the lap of luxury. What else could a body long for?

Right, tea. I drank my last bag of Yorkshire Red yesterday, so today I had to settle for plain Tetley. Perfect for iced tea, but not enough punch for a morning brew. I’ve been struggling through the day since, especially as I may have ruined my stovetop kettle. I set it on the boil and promptly forgot about it, boiling the whole thing dry. Thankfully, I have an electric kettle a beloved friend gave me some time back, but my stove looks strange and empty without a kettle.

I haven’t been up to much- few lunchtime walks as I’ve been cooking simple meals, and I’ve been working plenty in the evenings. I’ve finished a book, and am plodding along on another. I’m watching copious amounts of YouTube and lolling about with the dog. It’s Autumn. What else can you expect?

Until we meet again~

quiet fall mornings

There was a slow awakening to today. A crisp rain was falling, and I was not inclined to get out of bed. The only things that lured me up (other than work, of course) was the promise of a cup of tea and a warmed stroopwafel. Half a pot later, I was up and around for the day, ready to trundle on into work.

I have been reading The Stillmeadow Road by Gladys Taber. She feels like a kindred spirit. The way she talks about nature and the countryside around her makes me think of how I feel about those very subjects. It helps that I have an affinity for her as she describes her Father being a professor of Geology, my beloved subject. I found the book on eBay and I hope to find a few more. I ought to have the Library finished in the house, as I’ll soon have too many books for my one wee case…

Until we meet again~

second bloom

No pictures of a foggy lake today- I slept in far too late to walk to the dock. Plus, I’m certain there was a downpour this morning, which would have killed off the fog. Instead, here are pictures of my roses, which have been blooming again.

I had no idea the roses were blooming- I’ve been so caught up with work that I never noticed. There are three blooms now, with a few more on the way. The rose bush at my parent’s house will bloom multiple times a year, given the right conditions, but not with such big, bold blooms. I’m delighted to have found this out, even if it’s too late to take good pictures.

I hadn’t the heart to cut them and bring them in. I love to see roses “in the wild” like this. I hope to fill my garden with more roses, to complement this beauty that hid from me.

Until we meet again~