holding patterns

Waiting is ever so long. For the election results to be announced, for a trinket dish to arrive, for the dog to get out of bed. I’m stuck in a holding pattern. I hate it, I loathe it, I wish I didn’t have to wait. But, I’m trying to practice patience as best as I can. It is not my forte, but I am trying my level best.

The things most of comfort to me are the views of my living room and the beauty of this Royal Albert teacup. I’m starting a new collection of Royal Albert Celebration- I want to put together a tea set for six. The white, pink, and red roses remind me of the Arboretum in early June. Then there’s Nani, sprawled out on the couch, wrapped up in her blanket. She is the very epitome of cozy. Who needs hygge when there are big spotty dogs around?

I had to make a foray into town today for work. Tired of loungewear, I actually put on real clothes. It feels ridiculously good to be “dressed” in a blouse, my favorite clogs, tidy dark blue jeans, and jewelry. It feels more than good… I feel like myself for the first time since March. To celebrate being out and about, I have decided to stop at Barnes & Noble on my way home. I’m hoping to find a copy of the UK Country Living… fat chance this time of year, but it will be nice to stop.

Until we meet again~

first snow

The first snow of 2020 has landed and melted away already. There’s a patch of it on one of the back steps- Nani was not amused. To me, it was magical. I can’t wait for a real snow… working from home means I can enjoy the sight rather than trudge home from work, half-panicked by sloppy roads.

I’m pulling out my winter coat in celebration, and I’m prepared to wrap up in a thick woolen scarf and hat. I have yet to find good winter gloves, but I think I’ll double down and buy a decent pair of Isotoners. I have a pair of slippers earmarked for myself, already I regret not buying them earlier. But, the flannel sheets are on the bed, so at least nights are perfectly cozy.

No lunch walk today- I’m still in the midst of a fall deep clean and I’m spending my lunch breaks working on the kitchen, the final room. I have all of my Halloween decorations down, and I have my meager supply of Thanksgiving decorations up. As soon as the remainder of my paper decorations arrive, I hope to share them with you!

Until we meet again~

a daily drizzle

Steady rain today. I didn’t want to leave my bed- curled up with the dog as the rain pounded on the roof over my head felt like being in the lap of luxury. What else could a body long for?

Right, tea. I drank my last bag of Yorkshire Red yesterday, so today I had to settle for plain Tetley. Perfect for iced tea, but not enough punch for a morning brew. I’ve been struggling through the day since, especially as I may have ruined my stovetop kettle. I set it on the boil and promptly forgot about it, boiling the whole thing dry. Thankfully, I have an electric kettle a beloved friend gave me some time back, but my stove looks strange and empty without a kettle.

I haven’t been up to much- few lunchtime walks as I’ve been cooking simple meals, and I’ve been working plenty in the evenings. I’ve finished a book, and am plodding along on another. I’m watching copious amounts of YouTube and lolling about with the dog. It’s Autumn. What else can you expect?

Until we meet again~

quiet fall mornings

There was a slow awakening to today. A crisp rain was falling, and I was not inclined to get out of bed. The only things that lured me up (other than work, of course) was the promise of a cup of tea and a warmed stroopwafel. Half a pot later, I was up and around for the day, ready to trundle on into work.

I have been reading The Stillmeadow Road by Gladys Taber. She feels like a kindred spirit. The way she talks about nature and the countryside around her makes me think of how I feel about those very subjects. It helps that I have an affinity for her as she describes her Father being a professor of Geology, my beloved subject. I found the book on eBay and I hope to find a few more. I ought to have the Library finished in the house, as I’ll soon have too many books for my one wee case…

Until we meet again~

second bloom

No pictures of a foggy lake today- I slept in far too late to walk to the dock. Plus, I’m certain there was a downpour this morning, which would have killed off the fog. Instead, here are pictures of my roses, which have been blooming again.

I had no idea the roses were blooming- I’ve been so caught up with work that I never noticed. There are three blooms now, with a few more on the way. The rose bush at my parent’s house will bloom multiple times a year, given the right conditions, but not with such big, bold blooms. I’m delighted to have found this out, even if it’s too late to take good pictures.

I hadn’t the heart to cut them and bring them in. I love to see roses “in the wild” like this. I hope to fill my garden with more roses, to complement this beauty that hid from me.

Until we meet again~

happy mail days

Happy mail days abound as my recent eBay winnings arrive in my mailbox. My favorite find is a vintage Currier & Ives Glasbake mug- which I won for $1.50. I also bought two Gladys Taber books, one of which I’m starting to read today. There’s other things out there that I’m waiting on- I’ve kept myself to a strict budget and was lucky enough to win auctions within it!

It’s been unseasonably warm here along the Lake. Today is in the mid-70s with sunny blue skies and frothy white clouds. The tree in the backyard is beginning to turn a brilliant shade of orange. It’s a shame my camera doesn’t pick up on the vibrancy the way my eyes do… close your eyes and imagine a great tree, flaming orange and offset by a soft sapphire sky…

I’m taking a day off from the world tomorrow. This past week has been heavy with automotive and home upkeep. While keeping my own house has been one of the most delightful experiences of my life so far, it can be a little surprising to my purse. I feel blessed to have family that can help me with the things I don’t know how to do on my own.

I’m writing this post on my lunch break, from my little white lawn chair on the porch. Nani is out prowling the yard, looking for a comfortable place in the sun. I would have taken a walk today, but with this warm weather, the dock was too busy for me. Maybe tomorrow, early in the morning, I’ll walk out and share the foggy Lake with you…

Until we meet again~

flour power

On rainy days I like to look back at my ‘Flower Power’ album on my iPhone. Today has been dreary and cold, but with the new Nov/Dec TeaTime and Susan Branch’s A Fine Romance by my side, I know I’ll be cozy enough to make it through the evening.

I’ve had magnificent luck with thrifting- breaking a months long dry spell of no good finds. Just today I found a new blouse, several pieces of original Tupperware, a new baking tin with its original aluminum lid, vintage Halloween placemats, English muffin baking rings, and a Boyd’s Bears Christmas tree topper. Once the Tupperware is dry, I hope to write up a post about it for you. My favorite find from today is the Tupperware bread box- it’s a magnificent Jadeite color, perfectly sized to fit in my pantry.

I’m hoping to do some baking later this week on my evening off. I’m stuck between making Pumpkin Buckle, coffee cake, or English muffins. If I made English muffins, I could run up to the Amish butcher for good smoked bacon…

Until we meet again~

chilly friday

Today’s weather is chilly and grey- a high of 48deg Fahrenheit and drizzling rain. I turned the heat up in the house today and made sure I tucked Nani in under a fresh blanket. She’s snoozing away, while piano jazz soars around the living room and I work at the dining room table.

My lunch walk was grey and drizzly. This time I remembered to wear my rubber boots so I could wade in the water. There has been a bit of rain since my last walk, and so the lake was ever so slightly higher. The colors are still amazingly beautiful- these are some of my most favorite colors of all.

It’s nice to be able to get out and walk a little each day. I’m glad that I live so close to the lake. There’s a trail close to the dock that I have yet to explore. I’m hoping to do that this winter. For now, I’m enjoying my daily sojourn to the dock and peninsula.

The heron was out again, just as angry today as he was on Wednesday. No sight of the Coot- but I did spot a Downy Woodpecker. I ought to get myself a little birding journal and a pair of binoculars. I saw other birds, but I was too busy trying not to trip into the lake to mind.

Until we meet again~

simple fall days

I baked some scones last night- they turned out perfectly. I hope to share the recipe soon. I’m figuring out how to write it down in a way that makes sense. I’m no food blogger, but these were damn delicious.

The mountains are beautifully misty every morning. I love to greet the day when I unlock my front door. This sight is truly beautiful to me. I’ve lived nearly my whole life on the other side of this mountain, and now I feel like I’m discovering it all new over again.

I took a walk during my lunch break, down to the dock at the end of my street. The leaves are falling so beautifully. Pennsylvania is truly beautiful during the fall.

I walked out along the gravel bar to its point. I saw a Great Blue Heron and an American Coot. I had accidentally startled the Heron- as it flew away, it called at me. I hadn’t heard a Heron’s voice before… very brash and commanding for an otherwise silent bird.

The highlight of my walk was seeing a sailboat out on the lake. I am terrified of motorized boats- I’m not exactly sure why, but I tend to blame watching The Poseidon Adventure as a little girl. Since sailboats are powered by the wind, I’ve been fascinated with them. I think that when I’ve paid my house off, I’ll learn to sail.

Not long after that, I had to turn tail and go home. I go over Lick Run twice during my walk. When I was in college, this spot was one of my field sampling sites. I’ve seen this view in all seasons, but right now it’s simply my most favorite one.

old & new

I’m working on projects, new and old. I originally started this crochet blanket back in March, at the beginning of lockdown. It obviously did not make it very far- I tired of crochet as the weather warmed. Now that the days are cooler, I want to curl up on the couch, project in hand.

My new project is preparing the garden for spring. What you see above is the previous owner’s garden plot. Today, two of my sisters and I tore down three sides of the fence. It was a good four hours worth of work. All that remains is the wall between the walk and the garden- to prevent the dog from digging while on her lead in the yard.

Next, I hope to have the stakes removed from the naked sides and the shrubbery ripped out. Then, the sod in the garden can be removed and tilled. I don’t have firm plans on what I’m growing next year, but I do hope to preserve what I grow. I like having a stocked pantry of good food to last me throughout the year.

I hope that in the future, this view will be replaced by a flourishing garden, beautiful in the light of morning.